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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

offsite link  ?Vatican Hatred? and Russophobia Wed May 25, 2022 23:45 | amarynth
By Prof. Slobodan Antonic, Department of Sociology, University of Belgrade (Translated for the Saker Blog) ?Vatican hatred? is not a quote from a publication on the Croatian genocide against Serbs

offsite link W. Bush?s Iraq/Ukraine slip ? same truth as Kerry?s ?implode?/?sanctions? Iran slip in 2013 Wed May 25, 2022 23:33 | amarynth
by Ramin Mazaheri and cross-posted with PressTV The clip of George W. Bush?s attempt to condemn Russia?s military operation in Ukraine but instead referring to his own autocratic warmongering in

offsite link Grains of deceit Wed May 25, 2022 13:15 | amarynth
By Nat South for the Saker Blog There are several evolving issues that are being watched regarding plans and developments made by the West to open Ukrainian Black Sea commercial

offsite link Yellow Vests: At worst, the most important French movement for 100 years Wed May 25, 2022 12:37 | amarynth
by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker blog At the very worst they will be as forgotten as the sit-ins, factory occupations, strikes and marches of 1936 have been: 1936 was,

offsite link Moveable Feast Cafe 2022/05/25 ? Open Thread Wed May 25, 2022 12:00 | herb
2022/05/25 11:00:01Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of

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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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Wed May 25, 2022 21:41
Washington admitted to running 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries around the world, including 26 in Ukraine. However, documents seized by the Russian military suggest that the United States actually signed contracts with 49 countries, far more than it has acknowledged. According to Washington, these contracts do not violate the 1975 Biological Weapons Convention, despite the fact that they were drawn up by a branch of the Pentagon, the Federal Defense Threat Reduction Agency (...)
Tue May 24, 2022 17:19
This year the Davos Forum is being held in May and no longer in winter. Russian citizens will be excluded regardless of their relationship with the authorities of their country. The House of Russia, which served to showcase this country and its culture, has been transformed into the ?House of Russian War Crimes?. A photographic exhibition serves to denounce the ?war of unprovoked aggression? (sic) on the part of the Russian Federation. It was inaugurated on video by Ukrainian President (...)
Tue May 24, 2022 16:36
Speaking to the new West Point graduating class on 21 May 2022, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A. Milley provided a new picture of the US armed forces. According to him, the military predominance of the United States is coming to an end. The US military is not prepared to deal with the new forms of warfare like those we see in Ukraine and are about to witness in Taiwan. There is an urgent need to adapt to new enemies in high-intensity wars. From now on, the bloodletting (...)
Thierry Meyssan - Tue May 24, 2022 10:00
The war in Ukraine is a trompe l'oeil. Behind the appearances of the unity of NATO and its consolidation by new members, several big players run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. In reality, all those who are not blinded by their own propaganda know that their side is going to lose and is already planning other enemies on other battlefields. Washington is making the best of a bad situation and using Russian pressure to close ranks.
Mon May 23, 2022 21:56
The 11 May 1960 number of Life Magazine carried an article allegedly based on a 70-hour interview that SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann supposedly granted in Argentina to Dutch SS Willem Sassen. This interview ought not to have been released during Eichmann's lifetime, but the temptation to gain personal advantage from it was apparently too strong for Sassen. During Eichmann's subsequent trial, he based his defense on a completely different version of his role in the ?Final Solution of (...)
Mon May 23, 2022 19:47
Several rock concerts in Russia, including that of the group Kiss Kiss in Saint-Petersburg, gave rise to spontaneous protests against the war in Ukraine.
Mon May 23, 2022 19:39
Washington plans to attach Lviv/Lwów to Poland as was the case after the First World War. At the time, after a brief war pitting the Ukrainians against the Poles for the control of Galicia as the Austro-Hungarian Empire was collapsing, the Versailles Peace Conference and the League of Nations (SDN) decided to attach this region administratively to Poland for 25 years, and subsequently to convene a referendum of self-determination. The driving idea was to strengthen Poland as a bulwark in (...)
Sat May 21, 2022 14:16
Chief of the French Defence Staff, General Thierry Burkhart, posted a tweet on 18 May 2022, in which he alludes to the ?support? provided by the French armed forces to the Ukrainian military. The word ?support? indicates participation in combat. The French general reports on a telephone communication with his Ukrainian counterpart, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, whose special adviser is Banderite leader (?neo-Nazis? according to Russian terminology) Dmitry (...)
Sat May 21, 2022 13:49
The Biden Administration is looking for ways to oblige transnational companies trading in hydrocarbons to pay Russian gas and oil only in prices well below market level. Once Russia is excluded from the World Trade Organization (WTO), we would be left with a dual market. ? The first would be governed by the law of supply and demand. Its price, which is currently around $ 100 a barrel, will therefore fluctuate. ? In the second market, to which Russia would be relegated, prices would be (...)
Sat May 21, 2022 10:41
The German government has stripped former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of his privileges to sanction him for his support for Russia. As former Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder had a large office not far from the Russian Embassy. In addition, he received a monthly allowance. All for a total of 407,000 euros per year. From now on he will only be remunerated for the functions he will accept to fulfill in the context of German politics, but not in relation to his status as former (...)

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