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Cedar Lounge
"A flaky website that purports to be ?leftist,? The Cedar Lounge Revolution, occasionally makes a relevant point or two."

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Dublin Opinion
Life should be full of strangeness, like a rich painting

offsite link Some Thoughts on the Brexit Joint Report 11:50 Sat Dec 09, 2017


offsite link Notes for a Book on Money and the Irish State - The Marshall Aid Program 15:10 Sat Apr 02, 2016

offsite link The Financial Crisis:What Have We Learnt? 19:58 Sat Aug 29, 2015

offsite link Money in 35,000 Words or Less 21:34 Sat Aug 22, 2015

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NAMA Wine Lake

offsite link Test ? 12 November 2018 Mon Nov 12, 2018 14:28 | namawinelake

offsite link Farewell from NWL Sun May 19, 2013 14:00 | namawinelake

offsite link Happy 70th Birthday, Michael Sun May 19, 2013 14:00 | namawinelake

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offsite link Noonan denies IBRC legal fees loan approval to Paddy McKillen was in breach of E... Fri May 17, 2013 14:23 | namawinelake

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international / sci-tech / news report Thursday June 21, 2007 20:17 by R. Isible   text 1 comment (last - friday june 22, 2007 11:19)
ThePirateBay is best known for hosting trackers for distributed file-sharing and getting raided recently by the Swedish police at the behest of the US MPAA. They've been making noises about a couple of new ventures, and one of them has gone live: a completely uncensored image hosting service. read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / opinion/analysis Wednesday June 20, 2007 12:45 by R. Isible   text 11 comments (last - friday june 29, 2007 19:17)
YouTube (now owned by Google) have launched what they say are "localized" versions for 9 countries: Brazil, Japan and seven EU countries including Ireland. The Irish version appears bizarrely to be localised in English. read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / press release Thursday June 07, 2007 15:27 by tom eile   text 2 comments (last - friday june 08, 2007 15:52)
Iraq's powerful oil workers' trade union today expressed alarm as an
arrest warrant was issued for its leaders, in an attempt to clamp
down on industrial action.

read full story / add a comment
Port Oriel Harbour viewed from the approach road from Clogherhead village.
louth / sci-tech / news report Friday May 18, 2007 18:23 by Sean Crudden   text 6 comments (last - thursday may 24, 2007 16:20)   image 22 images
The Minister for Communications, Marine, Energy and Natural Resources, Mr Noel Dempsey TD, visited Clogherhead today to perform at 2.30 p.m. the official opening of the refurbished Port Oriel harbour. read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / opinion/analysis Wednesday May 09, 2007 14:42 by Sheikh Dr. Shaheed Satardien   text 4 comments (last - wednesday may 30, 2007 01:07)
The Inter-Faith Roundtable is a loose affiliation of people of different beliefs (from Christians, to Muslims, Hindus to Sikh etc) who seek to promote peace, tolerance, respect and understanding between the creeds and those of none. We believe that integration is an essential part of that process, as the lessons of Europe so starkly indicate. read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / press release Wednesday April 18, 2007 06:42 by Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Sepp Hasslberger
FDA tried to have manufacturer indicted and revoked the petition for approval of aspartame, until Don Rumsfeld called in his markers. Then Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist told Congress aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because it causes brain tumors. When Dr. Soffritti of the Ramazzini Institute did the prestigious cancer study showing aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen flacks tried to rebut the study. Dr. Soffritti has now done another study even using lower doses - aspartame once and for all is shown to be a multipotential carcinogen that should immediately be removed from the market. It has caused a global epidemic, Aspartame Disease. read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / news report Monday April 09, 2007 14:06 by Clive Sullish   text 3 comments (last - thursday april 12, 2007 12:00)
A new ‘probability-based’ report, prepared for England’s Ministry of Defence by Rear Admiral Chris Parry, warns of the dangers to political stability which may present themselves during the 2030s. Competition for scarce resources and climate change in a context of growing population will fuel the continuing conflict in the Middle East and possibly give rise to conflict between Islam and an economically-vibrant and still-atheist China. ‘Terrorism’ will be facilitated by technological developments.
read full story / add a comment
dublin / sci-tech / news report Monday March 12, 2007 18:25 by Red Wedge   text 41 comments (last - tuesday april 03, 2007 00:46)
I attended some of Marxism 2007. This is my account of proceedings. read full story / add a comment
national / sci-tech / news report Wednesday November 29, 2006 15:16 by TestTubeBoy   text 4 comments (last - friday december 01, 2006 10:40)   image 1 image
Contract researchers are forming an association to improve their lot read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / news report Saturday November 25, 2006 03:03 by Steve Peacock   image 1 image
Over 17 metric tons of highly enriched uranium (HEU) are slated for transfer into the hands of private contractors, whom under the auspices of the U.S. Dept. of Energy program will "down-blend" the weapons-grade material into nuclear reactor-friendly low-enriched uranium (LEU) -- which would then be shipped to foreign nations. read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / opinion/analysis Sunday November 19, 2006 16:57 by Ezra Niesen   text 1 comment (last - friday november 24, 2006 18:30)   image 1 image
Scientists who study human evolution have discovered the evolutionary origins of morality. The concept of morality exists in every culture on Earth, but the morals themselves are different, which causes a lot of conflict in the world. Now that the Democrats own the U.S. Congress, I’m sure that conflict is about to get very interesting… read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / news report Wednesday September 13, 2006 22:02 by o as if   text 13 comments (last - monday september 18, 2006 13:25)
On this day 50 years ago IBM unveiled its RAMAC (Random Access Memory Accounting Machine). A computer machine which weighed several tonnes & occupied the same space as a bunch of fridge freezers. It was the first hard drive which could be searched & accessed without starting from the "beginning" of the data flow & running to the end, such as one must do with a magnetic tape.

Between 13/9/56 and its withdrawl from the market in the mid 1960's IBM sold over 6,000 of the units each of which could store 5 megabytes of information. read full story / add a comment
national / sci-tech / opinion/analysis Monday August 07, 2006 13:23 by Anon
Geologist view on Oil Exploration in Ireland read full story / add a comment
Panzee (Chimp) & Panbanisha (Bonobo)
international / sci-tech / opinion/analysis Friday July 28, 2006 22:35 by James O'Brien   text 3 comments (last - saturday july 29, 2006 00:53)   image 5 images
I picked up Frans de Waal’s latest offering as I’m interested in human evolution and a book which promised to discuss the behaviour of the common chimpanzee, its sister species the bonobo, together with humans promises insights into the biological underpinnings of empathy, aggression, sexuality and the like. read full story / add a comment
clare / sci-tech / press release Tuesday July 25, 2006 16:55 by Stefan Zalewski (a.k.a mufti_el_ping)   text 3 comments (last - thursday december 18, 2008 16:09)
Volunteers have built and operate a highspeed wireless data network at the west coast. read full story / add a comment
dublin / sci-tech / press release Tuesday July 04, 2006 02:27 by Cormac Ryan PRO éirígí   text 37 comments (last - tuesday august 22, 2006 20:24)   image 5 images
The profile of the "Recalim the Republic" campaign is continuing to grow with one Proclamation for every 50 homes in Dublin already distributed by éirígí activists and supporters. Those interested in supporting the campaign or obtaining a copy of the Proclamation can contact éirígí below. read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / opinion/analysis Wednesday June 28, 2006 01:05 by Liam Mullen (Liam Ó Maoláin)   text 1 comment (last - wednesday june 28, 2006 13:46)
The British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett in a speech given to the House of Commons has stated that “the global scientific landscape is now shifting”, and she has referred to the rise of India and China as highly significant. read full story / add a comment
Sean Crudden
national / sci-tech / opinion/analysis Tuesday June 20, 2006 18:30 by Sean Crudden   text 1 comment (last - tuesday june 20, 2006 20:36)   image 1 image
What do we expect from our investment in science over the next seven years? Do we really want science at all? Maybe we would be more content to persevere with the quackery and the money-making? read full story / add a comment
international / sci-tech / news report Wednesday May 31, 2006 02:06 by iosaf   text 4 comments (last - saturday october 10, 2009 14:17)   image 1 image
(1) Gary Mc Kinnon has lost his extradition case & will now be sent to the USA.
A UK court recommended last wednesday that the 40 year old unemployed Gary Mc Kinnon be extradited to face US charges of entering without password in their most secure databases to look for UFO files. that means the anglo-saxon world are the enemies of hackers

(2) the Brazilian minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, has defended his state's internet law (which is the most tolerant in the world) and hailed hackers and creative users of the new technology at a world Internet conference which opened yesterday in Europe.
this means Brazil is still the hackers' best pal read full story / add a comment
Bairbre De Brun and Archbishop Michael D Hynes
louth / sci-tech / news report Saturday May 20, 2006 16:22 by Sean Crudden   text 2 comments (last - tuesday may 30, 2006 19:57)   image 4 images
Many of the problems of energy, environmental protection, political direction were touched on at this morning's conference in The Fairways Hotel, Dundalk. There was an obvious element of concern in the audience and there was a distinct air of resistance among the speakers. read full story / add a comment
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