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Front Toward Enemy

category international | anti-capitalism | opinion/analysis author Thursday September 10, 2020 06:55author by Jason Phelan Report this post to the editors

– The Planned Infiltration of Modern Counter Culture by Brute Capitol.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are now forever interconnected with the NBL, the NFL, NASCAR, ESPN, Goodyear, Gillette, A&E, CBS, Netflix, BBC, CNN, Buzz feed, Vice, Yahoo. This is a condensed list of some of the bigger players. Counter culture indeed.

Firstly, in the spirit of transparency, a little about myself.

I am a freelance journalist in Australia. A bonefide member of the Australian Journalists Association for what ever that's worth. I was a regular contributor in the hay day of IndyMedia. My contributions were submitted through IndyMedia Melbourne. After leftist agitators commenced their infiltration campaign that would later evolve into cancel culture I lost interest. It was clear that the Legacy Media was coming after IndyMedia as an entity and for any and all dissenting views to the canned hyperbole filled narrative.

This was clearly a test of things to come. A sandbox where hasbara creators shared , tested and honed their strategies on the unsuspecting public. From 2005 to about 2012 IndyMedia went from a reputable independent media organisation that discussed all sides of political events to a leftist echo chamber, the anaemic shell of an organisation it is today.

We were initially able to discuss, openly and respectfully, subjects like the Question of Palestine. We were critical of Obama deficiencies and praised his progress. We discussed the plights of those in the American Rustbelt with respect and empathy. Then all of a sudden metal workers are being mocked right here. Learn To Code. Now what? Is second rate copy regurgitated from the 5th column establishment media with an “Edgy” “Indy” vernacular the future of IndyMedia?

So I stopped posting here, quit uni and started writing in earnest. Primarily I left due to the constant threat of doxing and how this would effect my future. I now produce canned research packages for companies and receive paychecks from the likes of Bretbart and Murdoch Media monthly. I've been quietly saving and can now afford to write whatever I feel for free. Not a debt slave. At this stage I am not willing to provide my pseudonym.

For example product reviews have been good to me. So we've been slowly forming a collective of writers willing to review products for free. The reviewing publisher reimburses writers or supplies outright products to review. This serves to remove the situation of big corporation giving swag to content creating fanboy influences and disguising it as an honest review. We also do 3 month, 6 month and end of warranty 500 word(ish) update review. Writers are payed according to MEAA outlines not by advertising revenue.

There is also an opportunity, if readers are interested, in increasing IndyMedia traffic. Many of us went underground and learned fundamental networking principals and protocols and simply continued communicating with and publishing to like minded people and contemporaries within legacy HR and Journalism rolls. This evolved overtime to become known by legacy media as initially the Dark Web but were later forced to concede to our protocols and began referring to it by its correct name. The Deep Web. We're still out here. Still willing to write for free as long as we remain free to write. Still willing to act as resourceful sources. Still willing to help and most importantly Still Free.

For those not fully versed. Long story short the Deep Web is simply a network that has created its own way of filing and recording data that is executed in a way to exclusively exclude standard web browsing programs and associated practices. It is structured primarily as a text only network, everything is done to make this an unattractive place for those not dedicated to the data. There is even a global gatekeeper organisation, 4chan who maintain virtual embassies on platforms like twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

- In short if users don't enjoy 4chan communities than they wont enjoy going any 'deeper'

That should giver you a bit of an idea of where I'm coming from. I am going to continue to use my original article banners -Front Toward Enemy- and -Dispatches from the Colonies- if IndyMedia Ireland Moderators are okay with my content. For your consideration:

Front Toward Enemy – The Planned Infiltration of Modern Counter Culture by Brute Capitol.

As many of my Irish compatriots are well aware Antifa has been completely corrupted by both the 5th column media and global corporate interests. Antifa was created and mobilised to fight fascism in Spain or when the British Empire occupied Ireland. Then Antifa, Sinn Fein, the IRA and a tense independence was conceived. Then MI5, the CIA, MOSSAD and the 5th column media and today Ireland is an 'Independent and Unified' state completely at the mercy of the EU. Wanna go fishing and sell your catch? Tough! Wanna harvest produce in Ireland without a foreign visa? Tough! Want all businesses to pay proportional and equal tax?.. A hard won independence indeed. Granted this is a massive over simplification by an Aussie of Irish Decent... But granted equally must be the admission that the counter culture that is openly hostile towards anything not following their militant and impossible narrative; is intrinsically connected to promoting rabid capitalism.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are now forever interconnected with the NBL, the NFL, NASCAR, ESPN, Goodyear, Gillette, A&E, CBS, Netflix, BBC, CNN, Buzz feed, Vice, Yahoo. This is a condensed list of some of the bigger players. Counter culture indeed.

There is no following counter culture in this case, making it somewhat unique and a little unsettling. Normal Citizens standing off against crazed mobs bussed in, supplied and encouraged by multinational corporations. You see the whole Make America Great Again thing is not only threatening to unemployable professional agitators but to the share holders of the aforementioned corporations. Cleanly some big American companies, who profit from the prestige of being an Established American Company, seem to take exception at a voting public that thinks American companies should hire Americans and make products domestically. In fact the backlash has been so extreme that even customers that prefer buying American products can find them selves at the mercy of an angry mob. Interesting these same companies are often massive tax dodgers. Too big to fail.

The tech companies come to mind. Portraying themselves as humble service providers. They're just creating a virtual town square don't ya' know. Well, don't ya; know: My Australian google music is from Ireland. It wasn't music anyway. It was data. Proprietary data owned by Alphabet Incorporated MMC. Therefore. Not taxable. Just zeros and ones. Nice technicality from a humble town square isn't it!

But what can be done against these giants? Actually, a lot. Many readers are familiar with how modern employment works. Many employers try to underpay staff with dodgy contracts. Most of these contracts aren't legal and crumble when scrutinised by legal experts. That's exactly what these tech companies are doing. They are 'Tying it on'. And this can be used against these companies to leverage compliance.

An example that everyone is familiar with. If you block users like BBC from your personal Google YouTube feed Google chooses to ignore you and send content anyway. Why? Because they can. And they lack the ability to appreciate how their actions today are going to affect the future. Now when I receive unwanted content from blocked users I report it as “Hateful or Abusive Content”. Now some readers may think this a bit petty. But that ignores the fact that Google has positioned itself as the worlds largest advertising agency and preeminent content creator. And when the Target Demographic starts blocking users, virtually recoiling in disgust and screaming rape. Well this isn't what google and legacy media executives quite had in mind. Especially as this organic pronomina is starting to gain momentum and happen en mass. I didn't come up with this idea. It was told to me recently. But this has been happening for a while. Despite populous belief Google does actually have to explain this. They have to explain it at share holder meetings. Additionally Google customers who pay for advertising demand explanations into negative comments, reports, low viewer engagement, angry letters received from upset customers. All of it!

But if you do decide to weaponize your social media shill accounts back everything up. Get a Swiss VPN and email. Open a gab if you are a twitter user. Bit chute for YouTube. There are free speech and encrypted versions of everything.

Alternatively if you chose to sit on the sidelines and watch things accelerate consider this: There has been another time in recent history that had no majority counter culture. Think about whats happening. Think about the last time that a counter culture forced by financial means onto the majority met the ridged traditional majority. Where do you think were at in this analogue? Clearly were beyond the brawls in the beer halls flooding out in the streets. We're even well beyond the communist agitators ambushing and publicly exacting unsuspecting law enforcement officers. No! We're well beyond all that!

Pro Constitutional Republic militias are forming organically at an exponential rate in the United States. Followed by a massive serge in gun sales in American blue states. Ammunition is hard to buy even in Australia with shortages of common calibres like .22, 5.56mm, 7.62mm and most common shot-gun gauges.

All its going to take is a few sound minds to maintain and moderate a platform capable of parsing political discussion and debate in a way that doesn't mirror or promote the football hooliganism approach that has been adapted to politics by the 5 column establishment. Either we win, or the counterculture will most certainly be sponsored by General Electronics, G4S, Colt and Smith & Wesson. Again an appended list.

This isn't even a Call to Arms friends, we're way beyond that. If we don't start exposing lies, replacing it with truth and being able to rationally and openly discuss these lies and truths we will all end up being able to tell Orwell that Fact is Stranger than Fiction because truth tellers are the second to hang. Of course they are framed as dissidents for disagreeing with state policy... And therein lies the problem...

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