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Charlie McCreevy's Brass Balls

category national | elections / politics | feature author Wednesday March 24, 2004 22:05author by John McDermott - Remove Fianna Fail Partyauthor address Ashtown,Dublin

'The People have been Bought With Their Own Money'

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Dear Sir or Madam,

Day after day they pop up in the Dail like Jack-In The Boxes with deviously amended 'press releases'..cleverly dressed up 'weasel words' to appease the anger of a gullible electorate. Bin taxes amended - 'more fair' etc (for now). Privatization ... but after the next election!

Charlie McCreevy has the brass balls (effrontery) to stand before the Dail and enunciate his alarm at the 100 million odd Euros cost of the various tribunals of enquiry into the corruption of his former associates and fellow T.D’s in government. If he and his comrades were honorable men they would resign from government and allow an emergency caretaker coalition of the lack-lustre opposition to at least try and redeem the nations dignity in this..our country’s darkest hour .

Stroke politics are pre-eminent. The people have been bought with their own money.

Liam Lawlor, and his like can sit there day after day like mocking court jesters,enjoying the expensive charade that they have summoned up to milk the decent taxpayers of this country dry over and over again.

The Princes of Fianna Fail watch from the sidelines - happy to deflect the anger of the people down the rambling by-ways and cul-de-sacs of Dublin Castle.

We live in an age once more where as far as Politics is concerned - ‘The best have lost all hope, and the worst are filled with passionate intensity’.

John McDermott (RFFP), Ashtown, Dublin

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author by Johnpublication date Wed Mar 24, 2004 11:19author email dunaree2000 at yahoo dot comauthor address author phone

Charlie McCreevey is quite right. The Tribunals are a waste of money. 138m euro has been spent on them, yet the amount of corruption uncovered is piffling, a few dodgy planning decisions, a bit of tax evasion, that's about it, hardly comparable with the $300m Yasser Arafat's wife took from the Palestinaian coffers, or with what goes on in Cuba, N. Korea and other socialist paradises. Close them down and use the money to reduce taxes in the next budget.

author by BBpublication date Wed Mar 24, 2004 11:51author address author phone

Now these are brass balls
Now these are brass balls

author by iosafpublication date Wed Mar 24, 2004 13:28author address author phone

my first comment ever on one of your texts (bearing that name).

brass balls, monkey.
cold enough 2 freeze the balls
off a brass monkey.
Naval expression 17th century, a monkey was then the holder for cannon balls, in exceptionally cold weather the monkey contracts and the balls being made of different material pop out.

Last creature first depicted middle Greek period, quite popular in the bordellos of Roman society from 100BC to 200AD, supposedly a sign of fertility, the satyr is depicted in Pompei as weighing his balls.
The tourists still take photographs.

Some images are timeless.

author by Sinbadpublication date Wed Mar 24, 2004 13:54author address author phone

Looks just like Inspector Kennedy of Shannon Garda Station.

author by ithyphalluspublication date Wed Mar 24, 2004 22:37author address author phone

Surely that's Priapus weighing his penis .....

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author by Hugh E. Rectionpublication date Wed Mar 24, 2004 23:21author address author phone

That should keep McDowell busy for a while. Or at least it will keep one of his hands busy, and he will have less time to surf this site. I wonder, since he has admitted to be a reader of indymedia, has he ever given into the temptation to hit the 'add your comments' button? and would that account for some of the abuse that indymedia gets?
Still, I hope he doesn't use this as an excuse to try to repress indymedia, after all, he does come across as a humourless git.

author by Nutritionistpublication date Wed Mar 24, 2004 23:50author address author phone

"McD (the other inedible one)"
Excellent. You should be working for an advertising agency.
if you can find an ethical one...

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