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Hidden Radios in Home Devices (IOT)! The next Cyberthreat

category international | sci-tech | news report author Saturday July 24, 2021 22:58author by rob braxman

Did you know that your IOT devices are secretly communicating with each other? This includes IOT devices that are not in your home. Did you know that what your IOT devices do may be transmitted to third parties? Did you know that your TV may also have the capability and may currently be transmitting your activity far and wide?

There are secret communications occurring between IOT devices using protocols like Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, Thread, 802.15, and LoRa that you likely didn't expect or was not explained when you bought these devices.

Just like Amazon Echo has been conscripted to work with the Amazon Sidewalk Mesh network, other networks are in operation and some are completely unknown. Learn about these in this video.

Can you jam these devices? This is answered at the end of the video.

Here are Transceiver Development Kits that techie people can use to play with radio frequencies and see what is actually going on.

HackOne RF
Texas Instruments LaunchXL Dev Kit
Arduino Nano 33 IOT
LoRa Development Kit

Radio Frequency Detection Device - DefCon DD-1206
(covers 40mhz - 4ghz)

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