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Leaks show UK govt had planned back in Oct 2020 to keep the lockdown until April

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Same thing was discovered in Ireland too

A report in The National newspaper based in Scotland reveals insider in the UK govt were emailing amongst themselves back in Oct 2020 that they had planned to keep the country in lockdown until April 2021 which they have done so.

The strange thing is the exact same thing was discovered months back in Ireland too.


What we find is that these lockdowns have been backed by very effective saturation 24x7 propaganda driven by PR firms in the background. There is only one narrative and no dissenting voices are permitted. Anyone asking questions no matter who they are is labelled a right-wing nut.

The thing with these sort of narcissists is that they always accuse you of the things that they are doing themselves. Thus it is they who are the right wing nuts carrying out a dreadful conspiracy to take away all our freedoms, destroy our lives like never behaviour, subject us to anti-human (masks anyone) anti-social behaviour. And now they want us to take vaccines for these ridiculous vaccine passports which they ARE saying we will need for sporting events, theatre, cafes, shops, work, even visiting family and of course the pub. And they call this freedom

The report on the leaks state:

A SENIOR lobbyist who secretly served as an adviser to a Tory health minister for months sent sensitive lockdown information to clients, it has been reported. ..

....On October 15, he emailed Portland clients to say he had been "privately advised" restrictions in London launched that day would continue until spring 2021, before adding: "Decision-makers have told me personally."

Two weeks later, Portland partners informed clients that the Prime Minister was mulling over a nationwide lockdown – and that he was likely to “announce next week that he is prepared to ‘sacrifice November to save December’”. That was three days before details leaked to the press hit the front pages, sparking an inquiry in Number 10.

Covid: Lobbyists working for UK Government leaked sensitive information

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UPDATE: Additional leaked UK govt plans provided
UPDATE: Additional leaked UK govt plans provided

UPDATE 2: How coincidental ? Irish govt also trying to extend the lockdown well past June? Get to Sept then they have us for the winter
UPDATE 2: How coincidental ? Irish govt also trying to extend the lockdown well past June? Get to Sept then they have us for the winter

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