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Become backward or take society forward.

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Becoming master of one's own destiny.

The United Nations human rights omissions have determined western culture and global freedom for decline by removing freedom of thought. The latter eliminates human accomplishments which led to the dominance of western civilization which also helped ensure global freedom.

Become backward or take society forward?

To save western culture and even civilization itself intelligent males from a western culture are desperately needed to take society forward.

In his statistical analysis Charles Murray in his 2003 book Human Accomplishment showed that ‘….97% of all generally agreed major historical accomplishments in the arts and sciences are since the century made by males born in a small area of northern Europe’.

Furthermore, his book states: ‘From 800BC to 1950AD 97% of the world’s scientific advances occurred in Europe and North America. 98% of the significant figures were male’.
Those countries in the small area of northern Europe are: Scotland, England, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy.

For instance, Germany is said to be renounded for being the Country of Poets and Thinkers (das Land der Dichter und Denker) because it has contributed greatly to philosophy, music, literature and independent thought. It seems such individuals gave Germans a certain pride in their country and were regarded as heroes. For instance, there was Luther responsible for the Protestant Reformation; writers like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (who wrote Faust) and Friedrich Schiller (who wrote Die Rauber “The Robbers”).
Others were great philosophers and thinkers like:
Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, who was also a mathematician and logician and who discovered calculus independently of Newton,
Immanuel Kant, the author of the monumental philosophical work Kritik der Reinen Vernunft (Critique of Pure Reason),
Arthur Schopenhauer, who wrote Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung (The World as Will and Representation),
Friedrich Nietzsche, the scholar whose work has exerted a profound influence on modern intellectual history.
While in Music there was Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Strauss, Felix Mendelssohn.
Similar human accomplishments can also be said for the other countries in northern Europe. I consider these accomplishments requiring freedom of thought led to the dominance of western civilization.
Whereas previously the West was favoured by the UN General Assembly in 2008 the West was marginalized in the general assembly. In my book I describe many human rights omissions by the United Nations designed to eliminate the ability of the West to achieve major accomplishments. For example, the right to individual self-determination was omitted. It permits the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams and allows an individual to reach full potential and become a master of his/her own destiny. It is sometimes depicted by the iconic American superhero.

I show how the UN determined western civilization and global freedom for decline. In my view, this would lead to countries being kept backward and unable to hold their leadership to account threatening the destruction of civilization itself.

It is the left so-called liberals, within countries, who are engaged in fulfilling the UN Agenda by promoting neoliberalism and globalization (both the latter created by the UN’s human rights omissions). In my book I show how the left so-called liberals are really a social class and therefore collectivists. I now regard them as a death cult. They assumed the moral high ground by being fanatically politically correct i.e. anti-racist and anti-sexist, yet because they discriminate on the grounds of social class their anti-racism and anti-sexism did not extend to the poor in those groups. By giving affirmative action to black, in New Zealand, Maori, and female professionals they were able to fulfil the UN Agenda by targeting intelligent, white, males from a western culture for exclusion. In my view, this resulted in the professional sector being reduced to less than mediocrity.
Many women, particularly feminists, and radical blacks/Maori, aligned themselves with the death cult and, in my view, their self-interest is so deep-set, they are also prepared to sacrifice western culture and even, as mad as it may seem, civilization itself.

In my book I show how for a person to be master of his/her own destiny requires both survival rights i.e. at least the core minimum of the rights in economic, social and cultural rights, and also self-help rights i.e. at least the core minimum of the human rights in civil and political rights.
Because both sets of rights are involved (in America civil and political rights can to some extent be equated with its constitution) the use of the term socialist is, in my view, an inappropriate term because many socialist countries lack civil and political rights. Rather because I consider that, at least, the core minimum of economic, social and cultural rights is required for individual self-determination I think an ‘enlightened welfare’ is a much more appropriate description. Such core minimums are unlikely to involve excessive State control or cost. Political parties can promote higher levels of rights if, for example, they think they can be afforded.

I became aware of the special role for males in forging new paths into the future when I, although living close to homelessness for many years, discovered ethical human rights which provides a new plan for the future of humanity. Ethical human rights are firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and simply requires that all governments ensure for all their population, at least, all the core minimum of the human rights in the UDHR. Apart from domestic duties there are also global duties e.g. to help those countries unable to ensure ethical human rights for their people.
Ethical human rights being universal it removes the human rights omissions of the United Nations required for the creation of neoliberalism and globalization both of which aim to remove independence of thought and purge counties of intelligent, white, males from a western culture. The latter would result in a decline in global freedom, destroy western civilization and ultimately, in my view, destroy civilization itself.
The special role for males reflects their capacity for rugged individualism, independence of thought and the ability to challenge all forms of authority. It is well known that males often respond to ‘boot-camp’ like conditions. Whereas nearly all other positions in society, including that of politicians, very largely requires obedience to preserve the status quo rather than take society forward.

Ethical human rights received some remarkable support on the internet from the US State Department, the Open Democracy Initiative of the White House, even the United Nations itself as well as a number of others such as Save the Children (US), see posts/articles on my blog, However, the mainstream media refused to report the existence of ethical human rights.
My belief in ethical human rights enabled me, more by accident than design, to discover truly momentous decisions made by the United Nations. For example, the creation of a new globally dominant ideology, neoliberal absolutism, seemingly to suit a one world government which would require all countries to adhere to a form of totalitarianism which aimed to eliminate independence of thought. Neoliberal absolutism resulted in a major rebalance of ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest as well as, in my view, being the real cause of the global financial crisis 2008 which impacted by far the worse on the European Union. Again, the mainstream media refused to report these truly momentous decisions of the UN however my work is verifiable with sources.

To become backward or take society forward is a matter of choice for people to make.

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