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National Water Charge Protests - Saturday 31st Jan

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Community Groups will protest across Ireland

Community Groups around Ireland will protest in towns, cities and villages across Ireland about the water charges on Saturday 31 January. Seek them out and join them! The Dublin local groups are planning to all meet up in the City Centre, Please join the protests and keep the pressure up. The temporary lower charges introduced by the government will be withdrawn after the next election and all waivers and allowances will be abolished if they privatise Irish Water which IS their plan. They later plan to charge for waste water! This is on the cards. We must stop abolish these charges and stop this disgraceful act.
Well three tribes...
Well three tribes...

January 31st - Dublin will stand together, as like every county across Ireland, to show we are united in our fight back against #Irishwater - we will not be paying!!

Dublin Protest: We are asking all Residents of:

Both groups will march on Either side of the quays to be met by the DLR block at O'Connell bridge. Together they will shut Dublin city down.

For those who wish to travel from the countryside gather at which ever point is closer to you.

There will be NO STAGE, NO SPEECHES, NO CONCERT. Just people standing together to send a message to the Irish Government.


Please share and invite everyone on your friends list

There are hundreds of events around the country.

Here's are two examples for Dublin:

Some Twitter links.

If you know of any group websites / pages, please add as a comment below

For pictures of this protest see Photos from Dublin Water Protests on Sat Jan 31st 2015

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