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Wednesday November 16 2011
12:30 PM

Student Fees March. 16th (Wednesday) November. All anti-cuts protestors welcome.

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Student Fees march 16th November.

Advertising the USI student fees march on Wednesday 16th November, Setting out its purpose. General information

The Union of Students in Ireland has begun a campaign aimed at putting pressure on Government parties in relation to pre-election promises over third level fees. The campaign includes a full page advertisement in a number of national newspapers. Both Fine Gael and Labour pledged during the General Election campaign not to increase student fees. However not a single TD is now willing to stand by that. On the 16th November 2011 (Wednesday), The USI will have a march from Upper O’Connell Street to Dail Eireann, starting at 12:30.

Why We’re Marching:

1. The government are considering increasing the already too-high €2,000 fee. The students must make Labour honour its pre-election pledge to not increase fees.
2. The government are also considering cutting the student grant – again. This will only drive struggling students out of education and onto the dole queue.
3. We need a fair deal for student nurses. They should be paid for their 4th year placements and not forced to work the wards for free.
4. Our Mature Students need support, not cuts. They have been denied the grant which they need to stay in college.

Buses are being organised in all universities and major colleges, please contact you Student Union.

We want all Anti-Cuts protestors to be there. Students , Workers , The Unemployed , Business Owners, OAPs , all interested political parties and their followers, all unions and their followers.

We need to make this as big as possible. Signs, banners, whistles all encouraged. Wednesday 16th November - Defend Access to Education. It’ll be a big one folks. Please advertise this event.

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